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    Any "Schmuck" can buy roses on Valentines Day ...
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    I like it. I had a couple files that I was using so students could make some kind-of like these, but for some unknown reason they don't cut well and I have failed when trying to edit them.

    Great job!
  3. A Amend

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    Thank You .. the one you're looking at my 4th attempt at it, and is actually part of the arrangement on my avatar. Here is the .dxf I created to do these. I use an amada laser (.010 kerf) to cut these out of 20ga (.033 or 1.2mm) #4 finished 201 stainless. If using a plasma cutter I'm fairly certain the gaps are going to have to be enlarged. I got the inspiration for these after watching a You-Tube video by a young blacksmith in England named Alec Steele, he is quite entertaining to watch, and then searching for more instruction, I happened upon another video by "Christ Centered Ironworks" that is an EXCELLENT tutorial on how to make these, but pack a lunch 'cuz his video is about an hour and a half long. Good Luck

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    Outstanding. Thanks for the drawing and the info. I do run a plasma so I will heed your advise.
    Thanks again.
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    Looks awesome! Too bad I don't have any .033 SS to use :(
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    Thanks for the upload. Just finished the first one for my wife for mothers day. I re-drew it to plasma cut with 0.080 kerf out of 14 guage and then forge finished and oil quenched.

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    20200228_092616. Latest twist
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