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    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on raster to vector conversion software. I am looking for a reliable software for generating dxf's from images. Any input or pro's and con's would be appreciated.
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    What is a good program to convert JPG and other to DFX for
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    i work with VCarve Pro from Vectric, works fine.

    Regards Peter
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    I use autotrace - practically obsolete - won't run on 64 bit OS - I never trace ordinary images - I always redraw in black and white first - in that case autotrace makes nice long smooth curves that require the least clean up - only problem is it doesn't preserve straight lines very well - not so great for drawing cars or man made objects with straight lines

    A close contender to autotrace is potrace - I see it has been updated to run on 64 bit - I don't remember exactly why I liked autotrace better but I remember that potrace was impressive for my purposes - and it's free


    My 3rd choice was vector magic - because it preserved straight lines pretty good

    I'm partial toward corel products - corel draw has a built in image tracer (as does adobe illustrator) - they seem to be as good as any other

    In the end - from a cnc standpoint - I don't really like any of them - even with a nearly perfect source image, they leave too much clean up work to be done for cnc purposes - so I've been working on my own solution

    I do like the vectric software - it's not exactly for plasma cutting - but I love it for routing - and I use it to produce all my DXF files

    in the end - the source image quality is what determines how good the trace turns out - which tracing software you use doesn't make that much difference - all their differences are subtle - for the most part
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    I haven't found any that I like, spend too much time in clean up, I just trace the pic in autocad.

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