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Discussion in 'Cutting Systems' started by Alex lavoie, 1/12/17.

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    Hi, i would like to upgrade my torch for better cut quality on my diy cnc plasma . I have s75 pilot arc blowback desing torch and the smaller consumable on them are 50A . My machine is powerplasma 80s from everlast . I look to buy machine torch but the price of this one is very high. I cut principaly 14g but frenquently 1/4 ,1/2 , 3/4 and sometimes 1 inch. I've look to lincoln lc65m torch, i can have great deal for this torch ,but i don't know if i can have nice cut on 14g material , the lower nozzel is a 40A ... Have you some suggest for me !?

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    hypertherm 65 85 or 105
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    that'd be hard to say for sure without firsthand knowledge that the combination will work and how much if any improvement to expect

    first you have to be sure it's the torch/consumables and not the cnc machine/settings causing the problem - almost any plasma cutter worth having should cut pretty good - but only if the cnc system has the high speed, acceleration and rigidity to make it happen

    first, try making some hand held cuts to see if you can get your torch to cut smooth(er) or not

    if it won't cut smooth no matter what then it may be worth trying a different torch - but it could also be the plasma cutter and/or the cnc machine or just running the wrong settings for that torch and material

    got any pictures...?
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    I have a Hypertherm 600 with a machine torch and also a Thermal Dynamic 102 with a machine torch. For anything 1/8" and thinner I tend to use the Hypertherm with fine cut consumables it makes excellent cuts with little to no dross anything thicker I use the TD it to has little to no dross but that is all in proper setup and a little tweaking. As far as I'm concerned both machine's are very good machine's. I'm not knocking your machine but the lower end plasma machines or any lower end welding/cutting equipment isn't going to give you high end results from my personal experience. I didn't get the results I was looking for on my plasmacam until I moved up to the Hypertherm machine and the new Hypertherm plasma cutters that are out now a twice as good as the one I bought 13 years ago and are cheaper.
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    i am very new to plasma cutting let alone cnc. i have 4x8 homebuild table from a kit i got from CAMCUTCNC and lincoln 25.came with intellcad,mach3,and corel draw select edition software.with only very skecthy instructions, with intellcad starts with step by step to configure a part to learn program.but somewhere i found some steps missing maybe because i havnt seen cad before. instructed about LEAD INS & LEAD OUTS,AND CONVERT TO POLYLINES which is all to new to me. then theres this gcodes.the dxf to gcode converter is camcuts own i get it to work sometimes. there are dxf and gcode samples,so i got mach3 to run not correctly ,but have cut some of the gcodes THE MACHINE WORKS ITS THE OPERATOR THAT NEEDS HELP.

    after all this my question. is there any easier way to run my cnc cutter? different or simpler software? also how to set a home for torch? next how would i setup the dimensions to cut part in center table ie move from home to the part in a predetermined place on table and back home

    any help will be appreciated

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