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Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Dawgonhawg, 4/1/14.

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    The site says I have 5 new post at the top of the page but when I click on New Post there are no new post.

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    There's two new post indicators

    One is in the forum sub-menu to the left under Forums beside New-Posts button, it indicates the number of unread posts. To clear that number you can view the posts or click New-Posts then click Mark-As-Read. Or after some time (30 days maybe), older posts will not be counted as new any more.

    Then there is an alert to the far right beside the flag icon, which indicates changes to posts you participated in, new posts in forums you are watching, and other alerts as checked in alert-preferences. To clear that number you can mouse over the flag icon to display the alerts, then on your next visit those alerts will not be counted as new alerts. Or as you view each alert, the number decreases. Or as you visit alerted posts, the number decreases. Or after some number of days the alerts expire.

    If new post count is wrong, the counters are cached, and may only update every hour or so, so it may take a while but it should correct itself between visits or between cache updates.

    If it doesn't clear up, let me know and I will investigate further.

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