Other Model plane DXF`s

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  1. Brewster 239.dxf. fa18.dxf. mig29.dxf. tmstr400.dxf. Agmaster.DXF. Albtross.dxf. Baracuda.dxf. Big One - 32cc Sport.DXF. Brewster 239.dxf. Cad kaos.dxf. Cap10 - 46ci - DXF File - Carly Leyden.dxf. Cap10b.dxf. Cap21.dxf. Cap21a.dxf. eurofighter.dxf. f15.2.dxf. fa18.dxf. mig29.dxf. tmstr400.dxf.

    Hoping these may be of use to somebody out there.

    If you use them and wish to send a small donation you can send via paypal donnabab1977@gmx.co.uk but if you can`t afford it don`t worry about it :)

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  2. Almostgem

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    Thank you so much ! But a quick question, how did you get these in electronic format ? Were they scanned ?
    Reason I ask, is one of my projects moving forward is to build a few planes that I have plans for - mostly quarter scale.
    The plans are several feet long and usually more than one page. I figure the CNC router is probably overkill, but the bed should be big enough to create any part I need.

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