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Discussion in 'CNC Art File Sharing' started by Mike 1948, 4/3/15.

  1. Brug33

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    I've only cut them out of 10ga...they fit great
  2. A Amend

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    I've made 2 at 1/4 scale out of 12 GA Stainless for some AVID backpackers at work and so far they haven't seen any warpage, they're just happy to have knock down fire pit that's packable. I DID modify the notches a little bit for a better fit.
  3. Sarman Chow

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    thanks for your sharing
  4. Seely

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    just cut one out of 1/8" diamond plate. it is way cool...gotta stop by the store for marshmallows!
  5. Darren Nornberg

    Darren Nornberg registered

    Thank you We just got our new cutter and appreciate the art work, and ideas to help get it running
  6. stormy68ou812

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    just starting out. Thanx for sharing!
  7. Realness24

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    Thanks for sharing, Im pretty new to this but it turned out great. You wouldn't happen to know where i can find the "V" fire pit would you?
  8. omng945

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    Thanks for the share!
  9. Lavinda

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    We made one and it turned out awesome. I am trying to make another one and it won't let me open it in inkscape now. It says error polyline I believe. I'm sure I opened the other one in inkscape first. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong.
  10. Texas Sparky

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    Cut this out to day changed the side panels to a deer cut out worked great. only my second day working on my new plasma table had a bit of a learning curve but got it done.[​IMG]
  11. gorehound

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    Thank you!
  12. number1cas

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    I realize this is a pretty old thread, I noticed that several people said they cut from 1/8" and were happy. My question is, did you resize the slots or just cut as is? I am only a couple days into my new table and don't want my first pit to have sloppy joints but I am not very good at changing the files around yet lol! I still have a lot of learning to do.
  13. Jorgen Odmark

    Jorgen Odmark member

    thanks from Sweden, it worked great to cut out in swedish 6mm steel. 20191220_203629.
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  14. ChrisMeikle

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    This is great! Thanks for sharing :)
  15. Lee Evans

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    Hi can someone please help
  16. SignTorch

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    The small bottom plate is 24 inches - the large is 30 inches - not mm - the side plate files do contain the expected graphics

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