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  1. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    These are some variations of a knockdown (no welding) fire pit DXF files. Also I made up 3 variations of the side plates, one with plain slots, one with bears, one with moose. It was designed for 1/4 inch thick material but it should work for thinner stock also. The "large is 37" and the "small is 31" across. You will need 1 bottom plate, 4 side plates and 4 supports. If there are any problems please let me know. Enjoy

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  2. Colmesf

    Colmesf registered

    I have just signed up. Totally new to all this, thanks for sharing
  3. shurbanidze

    shurbanidze registered

    Good day! And could you put a drawing hexagon 36" Hexagon .25"
  4. 6speedGTX

    6speedGTX member

    Has anyone had any warping issues with this design? I'm wondering how well the base plate will hold up.
  5. WeldX

    WeldX registered

    I cant get this file to open on my plasmacam program. help please
  6. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    The files are in DXF format, maybe try to "import" them.
  7. jordan fyfe

    jordan fyfe registered

    what size sheet do you need to have to cut all those pieces out? looks like a 4x8?
  8. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    Not sure, I did not lay it out. Download and layout the pieces.
  9. JD1957

    JD1957 registered

    When you download these files they come out in corel draw about 8.5x2.27 do you then just increase size to 37 in or 31?

    thanks jd
  10. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    When you "import" the files make sure you have the AutoCAD scaling option set to English, 1 unit=1 inch. That should fix it
  11. yhboy

    yhboy registered

    Thanks for sharing this!
    But I got a question.
    About the bottom plate, sure I can use scaling function to enlarge the size, but the gaps for assembling support and side plate are also enlarged.
    Should I change the gaps into the thickness of the sheet metal I used ?
  12. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    You will have to scale all of the parts. It would be better to change the gaps.

  13. Joel irwin

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    Hi Mike,
    I have scale it so I can use 1/8 plate. But the high is to short. If I offset the top part of the side plates, do you think it will still go together ok?
  14. Mike 1948

    Mike 1948 member

    Like I said before, it would be better to change the gaps.
  15. Tim Groves

    Tim Groves registered

    I have cut one out of 3mm mild steel. have only used it once with pine and the base plate warped slightly. if you were to burn hotter burning wood im sure it would warp even more. i did how ever scale the large model up a fraction so i could put more detail into the side panels. would reccommend using thicker plate on base or wielding stiffeners in.
  16. Thebouncingwelder

    Thebouncingwelder registered

    Can't wait to try this
  17. Scott Meinardus

    Scott Meinardus registered

    How do I save this to my jump drive to take to my CNC machine?
  18. Brug33

    Brug33 member

    Ive cut many of these out of 10ga, haven't noticed any warpage yet but does it really matter? I don't wanna haul around a piece of 1/4" just to eliminate warpage. These look real cool with different designs in the sides.
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  19. László Pásztor

    László Pásztor registered

    THank You for this design!
  20. Dmhandson

    Dmhandson member

    We built this fire pit n 1/4 scale out of 16 gauge came out pretty cool.
  21. CW3 Tracy Hunt

    CW3 Tracy Hunt registered

    Do you have it saved in dxf file because when i click it it takes me to torrent.
  22. SignTorch

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    it's a link to a .zip file - if clicking on it takes you somewhere - then that would be due to your system configuration - you should be able to right click on it and hit save-as - and save it on your drive -

    then right click on that .zip file and hit extract-all (or similar) - and follow the prompts - to extract the actual .dxf file(s)

    then start your design software and hit file-import (or file-open) to load the .dxf file(s)

    if you just click to open a .dxf file in windows (or in a browser) then what happens depends on if and how windows is configured to handle .dxf files
  23. CW3 Tracy Hunt

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  24. Tyler Thompson

    Tyler Thompson registered

    Hi, Does anyone know the angle of the side plate? i am planing to have a clip on/ height adjustable grill cut at the same time as the rest of the parts. i will share once i get it drawn up

  25. Mort

    Mort registered

    Looks great!!! New to this whole CNC deal.. Could someone help me out on scaling something like this down to say 10guage???

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