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    Hello all,
    a contribution to this site now......It is a brazier I created through a little trial and error, the design drawings etc are all my own.
    I have included a few photos to save making instructions...... I used a 12 ton workshop press to do the sides, but they could be cut at the fold line and re welded at the right angle (angle gage included).
    Once the 6 sides are together I held the base at the required height and tacked it in place.
    I did this with 5mm mild steel. I'd be glad to see photos of what anybody else can make out of this.
    Enjoy 20161203_153732. 20161203_153754. 20161203_134709. 20161203_134750. 20161203_134757. 20161203_134750.

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    Cool! Nice work.
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    I should add that the other two brackets are designed to take a standard bbq rotisserie kit.....
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    Very nice, thanks..
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  5. Stephen Knight

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    When I open this to cut it has all of the measurements big. the folded plate is at 240 x119
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    its metric

    some software has features to open or import metric files into an inch workspace

    or you can scale everything down to 3.94%

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