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Discussion in 'Cutting Systems' started by Carl Townsend, 5/20/19.

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    currently cutting parts on my crossfire, with my miller spectrum 375, even if im moving at the fastest the torch will pierce the dross is horrible, 10 minutes cutting a part and 45 mins grinding on it. ive seen AMAZING results with a Duramax torch on the hyertherm from my searching. my question is.... is there a replacement torch or fine cutting consumables for my miller, so I can spend more time drinking, and less time grinding!. I also have an esab pcm-875 in my shop that I can use if there are better torch/consumables options for that.
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    not enough info to rule out anything

    neglecting potential ground, height control, and system issues - try many series of simple test cuts covering a range of speed, amps and cut height on clean metal of each thickness used
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    thanks for the response! what other information should I provide? it is a brand new cutter with new tips, using the manufacturer recommended cutting speeds (as well as cutting faster/slower to the point that the cutter wont cut through the material, ive tried just about every feasible cutting height/speed over the past 3 months and still haven't been able to cut a part that doesn't need a lot of dross chipped after each cut. im starting to think the miller plasma cutter isn't capable of being used for a plasma table

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