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Discussion in 'Graphics Issues' started by chopper, 4/27/16.

  1. chopper

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    Does anyone have the Harley shield programed or where can I get it
  2. Weeksy

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    Here is one that I have.......

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  3. chopper

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    [QUOTit downloads on my phone so I can see it it says can't open file="Weeksy, post: 2755, member: 8466"]Here is one that I have.......[/QUOTE]
    When I
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    When I[/QUOTE]

    I think autocad has an app that can view dxf files on portable devices, otherwise dxf is not a universal image format that can be viewed on any device without some compatible viewing software of some sort
  5. Weeksy

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    Hey there, sorry you could not open it....... we use software that can open these types of files ( as Sign Torch mentioned).....

    Solidworks, Auotcad, Mastercam etc....

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