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  1. A variety of guitar dxf files, if you can afford a small donation it can be sent via paypal to but if money is tight don`t worry about it x TeleBody.dxf. 53BODYMASTERNSNOFLAT1.DXF. Les$2520Paul$2520Isolinien.DXF. Lespaul59-ver10full.DXF. NECK50SFINAL2D.DXF.

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    You are the best.
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    Many thanks - any chance I could send you some pictures of original designs that you could make drawings out of?
  5. Marc Desrosiers

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    Why go I get "download failed " ?
  6. Randy Johnston

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    I've been looking for dxf files for guitars, If I can get this to work, I have no problem donating!
    I'm relatively new to the CNC world, been making guitars by hand from scratch, however its very time consuming, and wanted to speed things up. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm kinda of an old dog trying to learn new tricks. Thanks!
  7. Rongkong

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    cnc is a new technic for me, thank you so much for your file make me start to learning
  8. Derek Sutherland

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    Newbie question. I load the files into Rhino and get a flat image. Any ideas what I've stuffed up??
  9. Shevy

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    I can load this into V carve and they are 2d images. What next lol?
  10. Arthur Sonter

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    Thank you so much
  11. Grain Razor

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    you are awesome!!!
  12. Julian jazxhi

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    thank you very Much !!!
  13. Art Ang

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    thank you for sharing

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