Symbols First Attempt - Bottle Opener

Discussion in 'CNC Art File Sharing' started by AndyB20, 1/20/18.

  1. AndyB20

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    I do lots of standard/ basic sheet metal parts for laser cutting. Looking to develop skills for more art type work, so looking for tips on software to convert jpg's into silhouettes, then to dxf's so I can produce original pieces.

    Anyway, here's my first effort :)

    Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 19.38.59.

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    How big did you make it? The file displays the part as over 50 inches in width which is far to big for a bottle cap haha.
  3. Charles Dale Woten

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    inkscape is free and will convert files. I use it by far more than anything else now .... threw away fusion360

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