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    So I was just curious. I am using DXF2Gcode to get the code for my inkscape drawings or into an .ngc file format. It keeps adding a Z axis which I do not need. ( I cut mostly with plasma) I always need to go ad delete all Z axis's and it takes a looooooong time with bigger projects. Anyone know how to use settings to just generate Gcode in 2d.
    Thank you.
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    referring to the dxf2gcode post-processor docs

    https://sourceforge.net/p/dxf2gcode/wiki/Postprocessor Configuration/

    I don't know where the post-processor file or settings are - but usually it's a text file that you can copy and edit and select for use

    in that file are certain lines that designate how certain gcode instructions are to be formatted

    you want to change the 'depth' formatting to nothing

    there should be lines similar to the following

    rap_pos_depth = G0 Z%ZE %nl
    lin_mov_depth = G1 Z%ZE%nl
    you want to change those lines as follows

    rap_pos_depth =
    lin_mov_depth =
    that is from their laser post-processor example

    I don't use that program so just guessing - - -
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    Thank you very much!

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