Broken cuter in the middle of job

Discussion in 'Cutting Systems' started by Alternativ, 1/22/18.

  1. Alternativ

    Alternativ registered

    hey guys im using multicam 3000 cnc and i have jobs whitch take to cut 1.30h few times my tools broken in middle of job is there any chance to start same job from curent spot ?
  2. Marshall Waters

    Marshall Waters registered

    I've run into this also. I'm on a multicam apex. I just delete the toolpaths that have already been cut in Enroute and send another file, just be sure to save your home. It is a pain though.
  3. Alternativ

    Alternativ registered

    Basically when I cut 18mm i go over the piece 6mm at the time to not break the cutter so my question is if it is possible to continue cutting from for example the second 6mm layer or the third as supposed to start the whole cut from the beginning again?

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