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  1. TrembathDesigns

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    Hey there, trying to make a file into a dxf file for a laser cutter.

    this was suppose to be a dxf file but didn't work


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  2. RHM963

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    bluejayoriginal is your file just saved as a DXF. Not sure what format it was in before but wasn't a DXF.

    Toranto.... is one I slightly revised so it will work better with plasma cutting. It's not perfect. I just gave it a 2 minute make over to get it closer to where it needs to be to cut it. If you download that file, it's not ready. Look it over. The spacing will have to be majorly adjusted for plasma. It should get you part way there though.

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  3. TrembathDesigns

    TrembathDesigns registered

    hey, thanks a lot. i have solid works & ill test this out tomorrow.
  4. Cottie15

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    Will this work for a vcarve on cnc?
  5. SignTorch

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    Vidor, TX
    yes - anything with closed paths works for vcarving

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