ArcLight Dynamics Arc Max 5x10 issues

Discussion in 'Cutting Systems' started by FastNigel, 10/31/18.

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    Hey everyone. Well I finally received my table after ordering it in July. But heres my issues now. I've been walked through setup on the machine, tried so many settings over the last week, I don't know whats going on or whats causing it. I have the table grounded perfectly. I have a great air source, Dryer setup from arclight and plus my old dryer setup for a paint booth at the air compressor. I have a new Hypertherm 85 plasma . I've been doing tests cuts on new 3/16" flat metal and every cut straight or curved, or a bolt hole has a bevel. I have a consumable kit and changed nozzles and tips and tried pretty much everything.... gone through the users guide and I just don't see what I'm missing. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    pictures? how much bevel?

    plasma will always have some bevel

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