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    I am also new to the Download DXF Files world. I use the Sheetcam to put into Mach3. I have downloaded a few of these files, but they end up as compressed Zip files and I'm unable to get them into my sheetcam? Does not allow me to right click to a menu to move?? What am i doing wrong here?
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    exact instructions depend on which windows and which browser and which if any zip software you are using

    if I click on the download link and hit save and then go view-downloads - in MSIE 11 - I get this window -


    if I right click and hit open-containing folder - I get windows-explorer - where right click has more options


    I use winzip so my menu looks different - yours should have an option to 'Extract All ...'

    you should be able to hit that - then follow the prompts - and tell it where to extract the files to

    or if you have folders displayed in the left pane like mine - you can 'Open' the zip file then click and drag or copy and paste selected files to any folder that is not another zip compressed folder -

    either method creates uncompressed copies of all the files (or the selected files) from the zip file to a folder of your choosing - then you can access those files normally

    ordinarily you would not work with files while they are in a compressed format like a zip file - that's not what zip files are for - they are for archival storage - not working storage

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