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Discussion in 'CNC Art Requests' started by Joshua Gutierrez, 8/5/18.

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    I am having trouble designing custom shapes on my inkscape software. I've looked up many tutorials and nothing seems to help me on making this tab I need. This is the final piece I need to complete this project. Literally. I am new to designing and cnc plasma cutting so bare with me.. I'm learning multiple things each day as I go. Please help me design this tab, just an idea, its going to be 2 of these welded on a door to a smoke box on my smoker for the handle to weld to. I plan on putting some type of design in it but as of now I just need help making this shape. Please help me out! Thanks alot..

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    What size do you want them
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    I'm not sure what you wanted here, size-wise.
    I'm using autoCAD, so I'm not sure of the command details of your program, but here's my sequence, in case it helps. The attached image shows it in stages (left to right).

    If I were drawing it from scratch..
    I'd draw it by making a full circle, (where the "handle rod" will be, scaled to whatever I needed).
    Then drawing a line from the edge of that circle, to give me the distance to the "wall". (ie- how much space for your hands)

    Then I used two circles to imitate the arcs between the two. If it were me, I'd put the centerline of the other two arcs, right on that wall-line, so both the arc starts at 90-degrees from the wall. so the center would be at the wallline, and the edge would be at the Handle. Easiest way to position them is to pick a random point on the wall line, and draw a line to the center of the circle. If the arc looks good for the first one, go for the second one. When doing the larger circle.. make that centerpoint-to-centerpoint guideline, but then extend it to the other side of the circle.

    Then trim the "wall line".. if you don't like the size of the remaining wall line, remake those circles until they end-up where you want.

    Next the two arcs need to intersect the circle smoothly.

    Geometry trick.. if you leave those center-to-center lines, the point at which the lines cross the edge of the circles, is the tangent point. To make a smooth transition, you cut/trim both circles at exactly those points.

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