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    I am working with Corel x5. I had a customer send me some artwork. It has text in it that has already been converted to curves. I do not have the font in my files, and one of the fonts that was used is a $275 font, the other I cannot find. So, my question is, the "text" or curves as it was, is "fitted to path". I know that if it were still text, I could go under the text dropdown and choose straighten text. But since this is curves and not true text, is there a way for me to do that same effect? Thank you in advance.
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    I was able to use the envelope tool to get this far in just a minute, needs a little more tweaking to get the text even straighter

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    The problem with using the envelope tool is that it has a diminishing point which changes the shape of the letters, the way I have done it is to draw a guide line and select each letter and rotate and place it along the guide line. Yes it'll take more than a minute but if the text has been fitted to path, the letters themself are still their native shape only the path was altered. Doing it this way maintains the shape of individual letters and you manually select the new path.

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