Stick Font DXF Font is not in TTF Format ????

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    The stick font is a special case (compared to block fonts).

    The stick font is a DXF font, because TTF fonts cannot form single stroke paths, because all paths must be closed in a TTF font. So it's not possible to have a true stick font in TTF format, or any other ordinary system font format.

    Only specialized systems support single stroke fonts, like AutoCAD SHX fonts, and some engraving systems use proprietary methods to allow for open paths to achieve single stroke font shapes. Those are often called engraving fonts. They only work in conjunction with special software that recognizes them.

    Some system fonts are characterized as single stroke but that is in appearance only. Normally those are usable in some cases like a CNC router, where it doesn't hurt to traverse a path twice, but of course that doesn't work so well for plasma cutting.

    Supposedly, there is an Inkscape extension to use single stroke engraving fonts, but I haven't looked into it or tried it, and of course it only works in inkscape...
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    I also need this file in a TTF format. I have various other stick fonts in TTF format, but this one looks like the style I'm looking for. Has a TTF format been created yet?

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