Need either jpeg or PDF file converted to dwg or dxf file

Discussion in 'CNC Art Requests' started by 2007_CTS-V, 12/5/16.

  1. 2007_CTS-V

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    Hey all

    Looking to get some scanned images in jpeg or PDF file converted to dwg or dxf file. Anybody what to get me a quote to convert 9 files.

    Please drop me an email ar


  2. camo1280

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    Depends on the quality and the detail. You could post one as a sample
  3. 2007_CTS-V

    2007_CTS-V registered

    Here is one, let me know if this a high enough resolution
  4. RHM963

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    What is that? I gave it a generic name.

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  5. 2007_CTS-V

    2007_CTS-V registered

    Thanks I'll give it a shot in my CAD/CAM program

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