New Knockdown Fire pit

Discussion in 'CNC Art File Sharing' started by Mike 1948, 4/3/15.

  1. Brug33

    Brug33 member

    I've only cut them out of 10ga...they fit great
  2. A Amend

    A Amend member

    I've made 2 at 1/4 scale out of 12 GA Stainless for some AVID backpackers at work and so far they haven't seen any warpage, they're just happy to have knock down fire pit that's packable. I DID modify the notches a little bit for a better fit.
  3. Sarman Chow

    Sarman Chow registered

    thanks for your sharing
  4. Seely

    Seely registered

    just cut one out of 1/8" diamond plate. it is way cool...gotta stop by the store for marshmallows!
  5. Darren Nornberg

    Darren Nornberg registered

    Thank you We just got our new cutter and appreciate the art work, and ideas to help get it running
  6. stormy68ou812

    stormy68ou812 registered

    just starting out. Thanx for sharing!

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