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    We need mach 3 to operate the BOB to operate machine functions to test and configure everything.

    Our first goal is to get the basic 3 axis machine to work properly. We need not worry about plasma cutting functionality until we have a working cnc machine to work with. From there it can be turned into a plasma table or any other kind of cnc machine.

    Just follow the Mach3 instructions to install Mach3 and create a new machine profile based on the Mach3Mill profile.

    We won't have height control (THC) at first, so we need not worry about using the Mach3Plasma profile.

    The plasma profile just shows a few extra readouts that pertain to automated (advanced) torch height control (ATHC).

    Only when we get past basic height control will we need those readouts, otherwise most of what we'll be doing is the same whether we are plasma cutting, milling, routing, or engraving.

    And we can switch between the mill and plasma screens with a couple of clicks, so it really doesn't matter.

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