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    how do I reduce the amount of points the sign torch files have?

    The drawing lines have many many data points. And each shape takes up a lot of space.

    If I draw a line in auto cad, there are three points, one on each end and one in the middle. If I draw a spline in an arc ,there are only as many as I click. For a circle, 4 points.

    How can I reduce the amount of points and still be able to cut the shape on my cnc plasma and still have a smooth cut?
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    SignTorch DXF files have smooth (tangent) arcs - in continuous polylines - and not too many - so it would be hard to improve how they are drawn

    since the arcs are tangent - each point is perfectly smooth - a cnc can maintain constant speed when arcs are tangent

    for the record: a line has 2 points - autocad grab handles are not points

    when autocad displays an arc, it displays a grab handle at each end and one in the middle (same as a line)

    so it displays twice as many grab handles as there are points - when a polyline with arcs is selected - there is one point between each arc (or line segment) - so the number of points equals the number of arcs and segments - and open paths have one additional endpoint

    for example:
    the 1st image is autocad displaying 2 grab handles for each point
    the 2nd image is corel draw displaying one node for each point

    if you see more points or different points - or excess points - or points that are not smooth - then I don't know what happened - but that would not be a Signtorch file in it's original condition -

    also: in autocad, at least some versions - VIEWRES defaults to a low value and arcs display as polygons (as in the 3rd image)

    solution: run the viewres command and set it to 200 or so (4th image)

    by and large, SignTorch files are very smooth with a nearly optimal number of points - I doubt it's possible or beneficial to reduce the points

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