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Discussion in 'CNC Art Requests' started by mark tubman, 3/11/18.

  1. mark tubman

    mark tubman member

    Hi, I’m new to all this CNC things.
    Just had a machine installed, a Spartan 1325 and are looking for some help with Files etc....
    Ones I’m looking for are peppa pig, marvels characters, English premier league clubs badges and any Disney characters.
    Any help on these would be fantastic!

    Thanks Mark
  2. Rich600rr

    Rich600rr member

    Hey Mark, Peppa Pig? Have a little one? ha ha. My goddaughter loves that show. I posted a spider man on here that turned out very well.

    Attached Files:

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  3. mark tubman

    mark tubman member

    Hi Rich600rr

    Thanks for these. Yeah I’ve 3 little ones all going crazy for daddy to make items for there bedrooms lol.
    I wonder if there is any way you could drag on picture onto v-carve and put the vectors onto it!? That would be way easier
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  4. Rich600rr

    Rich600rr member

    I use inkscape for that. You can either trace out something or use the path operation "trace bitmap". It does an ok job. Or you could place the pic on layer one and make it transparent and do some drawing on later two. Lots of different ways all time consuming ha ha.
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  5. mark tubman

    mark tubman member

    Thanks for this mate. I’ll have to try it out when I get time and see what mess I can make haha

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