Configure X and Y Pins and Settings

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    In Mach3, in the CONFIG menu, under PORTS & PINS

    On the Port Setup tab, the kernel frequency can be set at 25,000 HZ and X and Y top speed will be about 700 IPM. I will be using Port 1. If you are using Port 2 you will have to change the port from 1 to 2 in all the pin assignments.

    On the Motor Outputs tab set the following (click to enlarge)

    xy motor outputs.

    On the Input Signals tab

    xy inputs.

    In the CONFIG menu under MOTOR TUNING set X and Y as follows (hit save axis settings on each to save changes)

    xy motor settings.

    In CONFIG / GENERAL CONFIG set "Debounce Interval" = 4, and check "Home Sw. Safety"

    general settings2.

    In CONFIG menu under HOMING/LIMITS, check X Home-Neg, set X/Y Speed % to 15, check X/Y Auto-Zero

    limits settings3.

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