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    During the last 12 years of owning and using a CNC Router for my Corian fabricating shop my only use was 2D cutting. My Techno 48" x 96" router has performed flawlessly for this work. Now I'm retired, but kept the machine. I would like to get involved with 3D cutting for some side earnings. I have no knowledge of 3D design. I did purchase BobCad Cam v23 with BoBArt and V-Carve entities included a number of years back but find it difficult to work with. Maybe it's just me BUT!

    Where can I get a free 3D dxf file, just to test the machine and see how it works in 3D mode? Nothing fancy, just simple. Then the next search would be for a nice Cad Cam program and a local company that offers classes for the operation of that program. (I'm not a quick learner)

    Any help and recommendations would be appreciated.

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    there's 2 kinds of 3D

    3D milling - see autodesk fusion 360 (or bobcad) - way complicated to actually design and mill in 3D - the tool(s) follow 3D toolpaths all around the part features

    3D relief carving - way less complicated - the tool scans from side to side, row by row, while Z moves up and down - cut depth is the only 3D aspect - and that is usually based on a depth shaded image that serves as a height map - darker shades cut deeper - or a .stl file which is basically a 3D representation of a depth shaded image

    bobcad is fairly advanced it does support relief carving but I don't have any experience with it

    there are free solutions like freemill - and much simpler solutions like vectric aspire - and very advanced solutions like artcam

    I know there are decent free .stl files at - click on DOWNLOADS then on ARCHIVE to see the whole list

    and cnczone has tons of images and .stl files for 3D carving - if you can find them

    and lots of paid 3D clip art resources elsewhere (search for '3d cnc artwork')

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