Can someone convert these to dxf?

Discussion in 'Tech Support - SignTorch' started by Rockjunky007, 11/23/16.

  1. Rockjunky007

    Rockjunky007 registered

    Any help on converting these 2 files to dxf to cut on a plasma table of these 2 files would be greatly appreciated.

    indian_logo3=. harleydavidson_logo_29212.
  2. Okee

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  3. A Guy In Town

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    It is not a good idea to reproduce the Harley or Indian logos without their expressed written permission. If you're just going to make one for your den wall, that is one thing. Reproducing them for sale is quite another thing.

  4. Rockjunky007

    Rockjunky007 registered

    Nope for personal use, 1 time cut for sign to hang in garage.

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